It’s going to be

We know April just started, but isn’t it nice to think of the nice weather we’ll have come May? Let’s all just take a moment and envision that beautiful, warm weather. It also helps if you ahve N’sync playing in the background. -RESE

Home Safety Tips

How many of you feel safe in your own home? How many of you would like to feel safer? We’ve found a great website that will help improve the safety in your own home. Just click the link  to find out how! We care about your safety here at RESE. -RESE Property Management

NASA said it best

We found this great article about why we need plants in our home. Not only does it make us feel one with our environment, but it helps the quality of the air in your home. Why wouldn’t you buy more plants because of this! Click this link to find out more. -RESE Property Management

Being Germ Free

The seasons are starting to change, which means good-bye snow and hello germs, and allergies. We though it might be beneficial for you to have some helpful “being germ free” tips. Click on this link and see how you can be free from the season-changing germs! -RESE Property Management