Coming Home early

You never know what you’re going to expect coming home earlier than expected. Sometimes the case might be that you’ll find your dog riding a pony in your living room? -RESE Property Management

Cleaning Tricks

We know it isn’t quite yet Spring, but you can still start practicing all your spring cleaning. Click on the link to find out more tricks about how to spring clean. Who doesn’t love to make cleaning take less time? -RESE Property Management

Treat yourself

It’s true, you can’t only eat one tootsies roll. With all this excess candy from the holiday, let’s just all give into our cravings and treat ourselves, to more than one piece of candy. -RESE Property Management

Tips for your kids

This may not be a handy tip for your home, but it certainly is for the people living at your home. To help you prepare for Valentine’s Day for your kids, we decided snacks would be the best way to get cupid to strike love into their hearts. Just click on this link, and learn more about how you can make it extra special for your loved ones. –RESE Property Management 

Otter Half

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, which means spending quality time with your significant otter or maybe a real otter for those who can’t find one yet. -RESE Property Management