Happy and Stress Free

[blockquote]I became acquainted with RESE Property Management about five years ago. My wife and I were redoing a condominium down in Provo and we had previous experience trying to rent properties and it hasn’t been a very fun experience for us. Tony happen to come along during the last phases of our remodel of our property. We already had an appointment to meet with another property manager that day and so it was quite a coincidence or whatever you want to call it that they came along when they did. And so we met with both the other property manager and with Tony and his partner and we decided to go with RESE. We have been very pleased we did. One of the measure considerations we had is the difficulty doing our own management, finding good tenants, taking care of different issues that came up with maintenance and things like that. It has taken a tremendous amount of pressure off of us. We’ve felt it has been a very good value for us. We’ve been with them for five years now and we recently suggested to our son Anthem down in Orem that he also get with RESE Property Management. They have several properties that they own and one of which we have a joint interest in. They gone ahead and went with him and are very happy as well. But it is a pleasure for me to really endorse RESE Property Management, it takes a lot of strain out of our life. We have been really happy with them. [/blockquote]